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  1. Not sure about TUSB3410 itself. What I did is I removed TXD/RXD jumpers going to the target MSP and connected a known good USB-to-serial (FTDI), and than opened two terminal windows on PC, so that PC would be sending data to itself via both converters. Then I started trying different baud rates. Here are results: - 1200,2400,4800 and 9600 works as intended; - standard baudrates below that (600,300) are silently reassigned to 1200; - standard baudrates above that (19200,38400,115200) are silently reassigned to 9600; - any non-standard baudrate (i.e. 3600, 50000, 200000, etc) fails to open a
  2. Hi everybody, Launchpad "emulation" part provides a handy USB-to-serial converter going via pins TXD/RXD to MSP. I tried it and it works like a charm both under Windows and Linux at 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600. However any attempt to set baud-rate to anything higher, like 19200 or 115200, no luck - i.e. it still works but only at 9600 instead of what was configured. Did anyone seen this before or even (fingers crossed) know how to fix this? Regards, Alessandro.
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