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  1. I would like to have a 48pt and/or 72pt font. I tried the 48pt first, and the .h output of GLCD (font.h) is 111kB (around half of tiva lauchpad memory i think, wich is too much). Plus, the format of the array un the .h is weird. I tried with "The Dot Factory", now I understand the output array, but the .h file (font1.h) is way too big (405 kb). Is there a way to compress that? Thx font.h font1.h
  2. Hi RobG, I just received my color LCD boosterpack and i was trying to implement bigger font on it. I tried to use GLCD font creator to convert a .ttf font to an array of hex, but the array doesn't seem organised in the same way the array in font.h are. Also, because the font I want is way bigger, the resulting array is really big, so is taking way to much memory space. If you could give me some insight on how to do that it would be great. Thanks
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