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  1. Thanks for the information. I suppose it will solve my problem.
  2. Hi, I had interface MSP430F5529 launchpad with FatFS Sd card. I was trying to store value from ADC into SD card and I found that I cannot store the value on SD Card, unless I do "sprintf" or equivalent printf of the data, only then I was able to store the value on SD card. However, sprintf is expensive command and takes more cycle then ADC output i.e some of the data is lost from ADC in doing sprintf. Is there a better alternative than sprintf or something like if I store raw value and later post process it? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thank you Peter for help. It would have taken more than a while to figure it out on your own. Thanks again
  4. Hi pabigot, It worked. thanks a lot for the help. You got an awesome insight. Can you please help me solve the last problem. I am getting error "identifier "BOOL" is unidentified" defined in diskio.c even though I have defined #include <stdbool.h> and the error donot go even if I compile it with -fg flag. Do you have any idea why is that the case. Description Resource Path Location Type #20 identifier "FALSE" is undefined diskio.c /Orignal line 187 C/C++ Problem #20 identifier "TRUE" is undefined diskio.c /Orignal line 194 C/C++ Problem #20
  5. Hi, I am trying to compile ELM Chen FatFs and I am getting identifier error in ff.h (line 157) for typedef struct DIR in code composer studio. It also leads to a type specifier error on line 215,216 and 217 which uses this identifier. Any help to sort it out will be highly appreciateable. The errors are below: Description Resource Path Location Type #41 expected an identifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 157 C/C++ Problem #80 expected a type specifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 215 C/C++ Problem #80 expected a type specifier ff.h /SD_Up2 line 217 C/C++ Proble
  6. Hi, I am a novice to MSP430 so my prior apologies for asking basic or stupid questions. I am trying to interface SD Card with msp430f5529 launchpad using FatFS file system of elm-chen. Luckily I found some of the files on the github via google which included mmc.c, mmc.h, HAL_SDCard.c and \HAL_SDCard.h . I wrote the main file and somehow my SD card is being mounted but root directory is not being opened and I am always getting SD Card not ready message. I tried changing the card but it did no benefit. Can someone guide where is it going wrong and whats the way to resolve it. Let me know if
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