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    nnielzz reacted to SixSixSevenSeven in IR signal will play a different command   
    you do need ir.resume() else it won't pick up the new command.
    You can easily hop back and forth between 2 energia sketches too while you isolate issues.
    I'd actually take a slightly altered approach from your code. Have a variable to store the current mode, in loop() a switch statement executes the right action for each mode (with a stop mode being included). Then when IR data is available, set the mode variable accordingly, if you are in a mode already, switch to the stop mode else go to whichever one the IR command dictates.
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    nnielzz reacted to cubeberg in IR signal will play a different command   
    Have you tried the Detach command?  Looks like that will stop the pulse to the servo. You will need to add some tracking to monitor duplicate button pushes as well - I don't see that in your current code. 
    Are the servos moving back and forth, or just twitching?  
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