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  1. I need to make this for a school project so I can't really stop with this project and start another one :/. The second thing is that I removed irrecv.resume(); on purpose; I wanted it to loop the command but that doesn't really work when I had irrecv.resume(); in the code, so I removed it. To explain what I want to achieve: So I got 2 Servos and 1 IR receiver. The 2 Servos are on pin 13 and 10. The IR receiver is on pin 7. I got a remote control and I want to code it that when I press a button on the remote control, the Servos will start going to a point(degrees) from 0-180 in a lo
  2. No,I haven't tried that one yet. Could you give me a example of this please ? Also at the moment the servos are moving back and forth, they are going from position 1 to position 2, and since they're 180 degrees servo motors, they can only move from 0 to 180.
  3. Hi, I am quite new with launchpad and Energia and I am trying to code that when I point with my remote control at the IR receiver my two Servo motors will go to a specific point and repeat over and over again, but when I press the same button again they will stop moving. So I got 5 buttons on my small remote control and I want them to each play a different command. I already made something, but the problem with that is that the servo's won't stop moving. Can someone please help me with this? #include <IRremote.h> #include <Servo.h> Servo motorA; //the name of the servo moto
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