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  1. i tried but i get errors in the cpp.h. i did not know how to fix them because the for the most part i did not understand how to deal with the errors. i would be more thank full if you can give me any other direction. thank you
  2. hi, i am using the library which is posted above.since u mentioned energia version 12 i downloaded that.but the problem is i don't see anything in my serial monitor window.i tried with both version 13 and verison 12 of energia but nothing worked out for me.you did not mention any pin numbers.can you help my telling me what changes i need to do so that it works on any of the port.for example can know how i can change it to read data from pin 1.7(port 1 pin 7). Thank you ps:i am a newbie to energia so my questions seems weird.i am sorry for that.
  3. hi, i am using msp430g2553 launch pad.i am implementing a temperature sensor using DHT11. can someone help me by giving me the link to DHT11 libraries for Energia. i found a couple but none is working.
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