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    pallisi reacted to spirilis in CC3200 and external ADCs, SPI or I2C?   
    MAX31855 is a great thermocouple ADC that you talk to via digital SPI bus.
    Beware one thing with it however, there is no way to switch it "off" so it uses less power... so you may have to design a level-shifted/transistor-switched power domain for it that the MCU can switch on/off if you want to isolate its power draw during periods of "ultra low power" budget.
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    pallisi got a reaction from timotet in LCD TFT Boosterpack   
    Thank you very much. I managed to make it work by reassigning the pins from the code. I was using wrong schematics that's why I couldn't find the solution. I will soon post the code in order to share it with the community.
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