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  1. Hallo everybody, I am a newbie on the CC3200. I mostly develop in C2000 for power electronics applications. I have a basic question: Why to use an operating system on such mcu? What are the reasons to do so? I have searched over the internet and I couldn't find a convincing answer. Couldn't all these functions to be implemented using conventional code without the use of an OS? Any resources would be useful. Thank you.
  2. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I had some spare AD595, old fashioned very expensive thermocouple amplifiers, and I wanted to use them. But it seems that the MAX31855 seems a better solution and cheaper. I will go with this. Thank your very much for your suggestion for how to protect the ADC of the CC3200. I will continue with the SPI option. It seems better.
  3. Hi to all the community, I am currently working on a project with the use of CC3200. I have four thermocouple amplifiers (and of course four thermocouples) that measures temperature on a device. Additionally, I want to transmit some temperature data from another set of thermocouples via IRDA to the CC3200. The IRDA transmission uses the UART protocol, with the use of the MCP2120 IRDA encoder/decoder. According to my knowledge one uart is used for the programming of the mcu, can I use the other one for communication with the IRDA? I recently found out that the ADC of the CC3200 ha
  4. @timotet Thank you very much. I managed to make it work by reassigning the pins from the code. I was using wrong schematics that's why I couldn't find the solution. I will soon post the code in order to share it with the community.
  5. I have managed to find a solution. I had wrong schematics of the board. I reconfigured the PINS and now works like a charm. I will spend some more time to make my code more readable and I would like to share it in the community of 43oh. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. Hi @@RobG, I have bought the 2.2 240x340 v3 lcd from tindie few months ago but I still cannot make it work. My intention is to make it work with the C2000 launchpad, so I am also in touch with @@timotet. First I would like to ask if the jumpers are ok for the C2000. My board has JP1,JP2 and JP4 set to "1" and all the others are unsoldered. Secondly, I have used @@timotet code, for which I am very thankful, and modified it with the ugl16 library (timotets library are compatible with the ILI9225 controller). Despite my efforts I have not managed to make it run. The screen lights
  7. Hi @@timotet, Thank you very much for your help. I have v3 with the ILI9341 controller. So I grabbed Robg library and after some modifications I have no errors or warnings, the program compiles fine but I still do not get anything. I have started to suspect that the pre-soldered jumpers maybe are wrong. I will ask Rob as well.
  8. Ok. Problem solved partially. My spi.h did not have the SPI_write8 function, I found it and copied it. Now the project compiles without any errors but... The screen lights up, but nothing appear on it. I have the version 3 without the touch panel. Any ideas?
  9. It seem that I did not manage to successfully make it work. It says that an error encountered during linking. It seem that it cannot find the _SPI_write8 function. I have managed to install the latest RTOS and xdc tool, because it was saying that are needed, but with no result. Any ideas?
  10. Hi @@timotet Thank you very much! I do not have the touch screen one. I will test this as soon as possible. Thank you again!
  11. Hi timotet, I have managed to acquire the proposed tft from Robg. But I am a little confused with the spi configuration etc. is it possible to upload a css project which implements the demo that you have uploaded to youtube. Thank you in advance!
  12. Hi everybody, Firstly I must say that this forum helps me a lot with my projects with c2000. Nowadays, I am working with a project and I need some advice regarding a TFT Boosterpack. The project requires that the user can see some information in a TFT LCD screen. I must confess that I have little idea about serial protocols and how to drive a TFT. I would like to suggest me: a ) a compatible booster pack with a TFT display. b ) some initial readings about the interaction of the c2k with a tft display. Thank you very much for your help.
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