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  1. Where are the files related to compiler for arm cortex or tiva in energia in the latest version? It used to be under hardware/tools/lm4f/bin
  2. Hi , I have written my scheduler which uses the Timer0 subtimer A to generate interrupt for Multi-tasking. I have tested the waverforms generating accurately and arriving at the right time periods. Now the issue that I am facing is PWM waves are not arrived at the expected time. Is PWM interfere with the Timer functionality? What is the work around? Are there any free timers available which I can use it for my scheduler? Some insights to this would really help. Thanks, Peeyush
  3. Hi Everyone, I am using LED blinking program of Arduino on MSP430. I have configured compilers etc. Now the led turns on but it is not blinking. I have tried changing delay/sampling rate. Can someone point me the issue here?
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