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    Bubele got a reaction from oPossum in MSP-FET Backchannel UART.   
    Hello zborgerd,
    even this thread was never answered and is a bit old.
    I was close to give up on a MSP2553 on a bredboard and using the MSP-FET with uart backchannel @ 9600.
    It never worked for no reason, even connecting ping 14 and 12 directly.
    found your topic and indeed, switching to 115200, it magically works.
    not to bad switching the MCU to 115200, however, one may get some grey hairs not knowing about this "bug?".
    ps: i used ccs 7.0.0 on linux.
    best regards
    Peter ;-)
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    Bubele got a reaction from bluehash in Energia installation in ubuntu 16.04   
    Hello Abhaya,
    i got your private mail about this topic.
    I have 4  different Ubuntu 16.04.x machines more or less up to date running with Energia 17 and 18, also with CCS 6.1x.
    that problem never showed up.
    however, i see it seems a java jar signing problem on your installation.
    i suggest to start a closer look the following steps:
    1 -  md5sums. never know if these jar files are really grounded healthy.
      $ for i in `find /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/ -name "*.jar" -print| grep bc`; do md5sum $i; done 873ac611cb0d7160c0a3d30eee964454  /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/lib/bcprov-jdk15on-152.jar f4e4aa7b3828d3f4ff448f2335a38ecc  /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/lib/bcpg-jdk15on-152.jar   2 -record debug execution of the energia startup script  - script energia-debug.script  - sh -x /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/energia  - if you see your problem, exit energia if it has not exited already  - exit , to stop the typescript recording  - now look to the energia-debug.script   - watchout for CLASSPATH and JAVA things which are NOT located in the path of your energia install.  ie: your CLASSPATH variable has already something in it.  in my local attempt is see NO other JAVA or CLASSPATH items show up over than the ones from my energia installation PATH.   3 - if still no clue, remove the jar signing from the 2 jar files, even i do not recommend such or tested myself   - find the two jar files    for i in `find /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/ -name "*.jar" -print| grep bc   and copy each into a own seperate temp directory.   unpack each with ie    - unzip bcpg-jdk15on-152.jar   - ls META-INF/   # this should show the two key files BCKEY.SF and BCKEY.DSA   - rm META-INF/BCKEY.*  # remove them   - mv bcpg-jdk15on-152.jar bcpg-jdk15on-152.jar.ORIG  # keep the orig jar file   - zip -r bcpg-jdk15on-152.jar META-INF/ org/  # create jar from it   - put your changed ones into energia install path ie: cp bcpg-jdk15on-152.jar  /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/lib/  - repeat with bcprov-jdk15on-152.jar  - try it   as said, i think your environment has some CLASSPATH|JAVA items popolated which may cause that a other java outside of energia is being involved.
    btw: i checked the two jar with jarsigner, indeed, they have some sort of violation (ie no date stamp), seems the energia java pieces do not complain on my installation about that.
    anyway, i am not a expert in that java signing area, so i may wrong here.
    maybe it helps.
    best regards
    Peter ;-)
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    Bubele reacted to Rickta59 in Energia 16.10E18 flashing EXP430FR6989LP does bail out with error.   
    I would just do this:
    $ cd /opt/energia-1.6.10E18/hardware/tools/DSLite
    $ cp MSP-EXP430FR6989.ccxml MSP-EXP430FR6989LP.ccxml
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