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  1. Thank you very much for your response! I have same problem with CCStudio ver.10. same type of error, I belive EZ-FET is the problem! With win7 everything is ok. but in win 10 nothing work; I install latest driver from TI, I change the port, name it.. but nothing work , I believe, win10 don't work with Exp430G2 older version(Rev1.5) anymore ; I have only a supposition! Thank You again!
  2. Hi! Please help me! I installed win10x64 on my new computer ,and I have some problem with my Exp430G2 board ver.1.5 . I search everywhere but i don't find a solution to my problem: when I want to download sketch to board. I have an error: Energia: 1.8.11E23 (Windows 10), Board: "MSP-EXP430G2ET w/ MSP430G2553" Sketch uses 2120 bytes (12%) of program storage space. Maximum is 16384 bytes. Global variables use 92 bytes (17%) of dynamic memory, leaving 420 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 512 bytes. DSLite version Configuring Debugger (may take a few minu
  3. My answer is: myScreen.text(0, 2, String(int(analogRead(P1_2))));
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