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  1. @@zeke yes it does. I just read the spec from Sensirion and they say1000,000 + R/W bit. In my working code I always started with 0x80 so my assumption was address is 0x80 (which is wrong). Thanks for pointing me to it! Have a nice weekend!
  2. Hi, thanks for this library. I got one question regarding sending the address. When I try sending address 0x80 I see 0x00 on the logic analyzer. Sending 0x40 gives 0x80 Sending 0x20 gives 0x40 ... Has any one observed this behavior? What could be wrong? I'm using an FR5969 Launchpad to interface an SHT21 temp sensor (standard address is 0x80). Best regards, ArcticSaturn
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