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    The error will almost certainly be on line 107. Recall that TI's headers define single-character macros that inconveniently interfere with variable declarations:

    /************************************************************ * STATUS REGISTER BITS ************************************************************/ #define C (0x0001) #define Z (0x0002) #define N (0x0004) #define V (0x0100) As a general rule, don't use fully capitalized symbols for variable names, and particularly not single-letter ones.
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    anning865 reacted to igor in How to implement Timer interruption in Energia?   
    Look in wiring.c (in energia - hardware\msp430\cores\msp430 ) to be sure you don't reprogram one of the timers that 
    Energia uses internally.  (Might also want to check Tone.cpp TimerSerial.cpp and Servo library - to be sure you don't use
    a timer that already used).
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    anning865 reacted to spirilis in How to implement Timer interruption in Energia?   
    As a side note, check out this library I wrote - https://github.com/spirilis/RTC_B
    This implements an interface to the RTC_B peripheral (Real Time Clock) present on the FR5969 chip.  It has a feature for periodic interruption, called rtc.attachPeriodicInterrupt()
    If you use the library to actually *set* the time, you can also make use of the alarm - rtc.attachScheduledInterrupt()
    Implementing Timer ISRs is generally frowned upon in Energia because Energia claims them for PWM, but the FR5969 has a Timer_A instance# 2 and 3 which are not used for PWM at all, and they can be commandeered for your own purposes.
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