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  1. Thank pabigot, what you said is right, the compile has succeeded. I will go on to fix some minor errors. Thank spirilis, your RTC_B driver is very helpful.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions! I have looked over the RTC_B driver and found it useful to creat a ~2ms periodic interruption. After modification, the program still can't work out and the error hint " lvalue required as left operand of assignment" is ambiguous. My code is here: /* >> Pulse Sensor Amped 1.2 << This code is for Pulse Sensor Amped by Joel Murphy and Yury Gitman www.pulsesensor.com >>> Pulse Sensor purple wire goes to Analog Pin 0 <<< Pulse Sensor sample aquisition and processing happens in the background via Timer 2 interrupt. 2mS sa
  3. Thank you for your kind advise. But now, I meet a problem, I don't know how to write a Timer ISR in energia. I have searched for some examples of CCS in which the ISR can be written like this: "#pragma vector = TIMER0_A0_VECTOR _interrupt void Timer0_A0_ISR (void)" While I find it can't work in energia, can you tell me how to write an ISR function in energia? Thank you !
  4. Hello,everyone! I meet a problem, when I want to realize a Heart Rate detection program which is written in arduino. I have two questions: 1.how to implement Timer interruption in Energia? 2.what is the clock source of msp430fr5969 launchpad?Should I solder an external crystal on it? At last, I put the arduino program as the attach files.PulseSensorAmped_Arduino_1dot2.rar
  5. Hello?everyone! I am a newbie of msp430?and now I have began to study energia IDE to drive lauchpads. It's a pleasure to join the forum and meet everyone!
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