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  1. I went to STMicro's seminar couple years back, they said it straight up that it cost about 25~100 cents for a Cortex M3, depending on memory/peripherals, most of their cost is customer support.
  2. @@igor Thanks for the links. I've read both of those earlier last week, but since I am not a MCU expert, I didn't realize until now that I can use the PRS system on the gecko zero in EM1 mode to make a measurement with the ADC and put it in the RAM without ever waking up the core. And after reading @@roadrunner84's response, I think it might be even possible to also activate UART under EM1 as well, thus consuming only 50uA/MHz in the entire process.
  3. We won't have the funding for that unless we make more progress.
  4. @@greeeg @@roadrunner84 Thanks for your input, and thank you for not starting your reply by stating that I know nothing, and I'm a person who probably doesn't know what he wants. That aside, I was wondering if its possible to assume that the zero gecko can start from EM4 mode without any power to begin with, and if that is indeed the case, then the 163 us would be the correct value. Now Looking at Table 3.9. HFXO for the zero gecko, it says it takes 400 us a 24 MHz crystal to startup. So which value should I use from a dead start? (As for FR5969, according to Table 5-5. it says 0.6 ms @ 3
  5. As I mentioned before, I don't care about sleep mode current draw, and I already built a energy harvester with 40%+ efficiency. Please do not assume what I understand, it has nothing to do with the question. All I'm asking is which architecture is more efficient with sleep modes aside.
  6. I thought about that too, but right now I'm trying to determine whether M0+ or MSP430FR consumes less while it's on (Not Sleep). Then from there I can compare whether a MCU+wireless will consume less or more.
  7. If you want it to last as long as possible, you should use a buck regulator like http://www.ti.com/product/tps62736 so the voltage regulator inside the MCU doesn't burn up excess voltage. If the current draw of the MCU at 3.6 and 1.8 is the same, then there's a regulator in there, thus running it at 1.8 will make it last the longest.
  8. Hi All, My company is interested in developing passive sensors that are capable of harnessing energy from the environment, so basically the sensor are completely dead and without power until there's either light, temperature difference, vibration, or RF illumination. So I do not care about high current draw in sleep mode. In this type of environmentwhat would work best? MSP430FR? or M0+? Current draw during start-up on the MSP430 is also a problem, which is roughly 1 ms. Looking at the EMF32 Zero Gecko, Its list as 400us with a 24MHz clock. It seems to me that Zero Gecko would be a
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