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  1. @@abecedarian thanks a lot for the offer. Unfortunately I am in Europe.. Anyway, I already have a new LaunchPad to play with :-)
  2. Thanks a lot. It makes perfect sense. Btw, it's Tiva C Launchpad so Cortex M4 CPU.
  3. Hi all, I am quite new with launchpads so maybe silly question: Is it possible to power launchpad using USB charger? I was expecting the answer to be yes, but after I tried it my launchpad stopped working after some time. It looks like voltage regulator U8 (TPS73633DRBT) is broken since 3.3V port is giving >4 V. I understand that wall USB chargers produce higher current but not sure if this is the reason. I actually used cheap Chinese charger (I know...) which as I realized later is not really giving stable Voltage (I measured as low numbers as 2.9 V). Could this rather be the
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