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  1. Thanks, I guess I have to fork over for that emulation board now :-). Wish the CC3100 Boosterpack would work with Arduino as well. Make the investment a lot more palatable. Tuan
  2. Thanks, that's good to know. Did you have to upgrade the firmware on the CC3100 Booster Pack? I went cheap and didn't get a companion emulator board with the CC3100 and now have no way of upgrading the firmware.
  3. Thanks for your help, Using your advice, I managed to get the example to compile but now ran into another problem with the CC3100BOOST booster pack: it won't connect to my WiFi Access Point. Perhaps there are more problem using the CC3100 Booster Pack with the MSP-EXP430FR5969 than just compiling. Has anyone succeeded in getting the CC3100 Booster Pack to work with the MSP-EXP430FR5969 yet? Thanks,
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get the ConnectWithWPA example sketch working with the CC3100BOOST boosterpack on a MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad and got the following compilation error: c:/ti/energia/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: ConnectWithWPA.cpp.elf section `.bss' will not fit in region `ram' c:/ti/energia/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: region `ram' overflowed by 862 bytes collect2: ld returned 1 exit status I'm running the latest version of Energia (0101E0013) Has any one ran into this? How do
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