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  1. Hi, everyone. I want to do a light web server (show temperature value and port control) with MSP430g2553 and ENC28j60 Breakout Module. At this forum, there are many examples about this issue using Energia lib. But I want to use IAR Embedded Workbench as IDE, not using Energia lib.So probably MSP430 and ENC28j60 communicate using SP?. How I do this project at IAR Embedded Workbench.Thank you
  2. Thank you so much for your response @@asgard20032. I am new in coding MCUs I understand that, I can not use PHP because MCU hasn't got OS. I must use MSP430g2553 for my project so I can't use Raspberry and Beaglebone.Maybe I misunderstood that part, because my English isn't very good so I ask again to make sure. Is there a way change the temperature variable momentarily on web page using HTML? If it is not possible, I already control MSP430 ports and show the temperature value (not instantly, just constant value e.g. 23 degree and not changing) on my web server and I will finish and deliver u
  3. Hello everyone, thanks for this library. I have a question about library. I want to show temperature value (with an internal sensor MSP430g2553) and control the LED on web server. Temperature variable dynamically change,continuously. In example (HelloWorldActivate.ino) at library, web server creates HTML, so temperature value does not change continuously, without refresh the page. Hence, I want to use PHP instead of HTML. But I didn't do that. How to use PHP on this web server? Thanks a lot again
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