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  1. I'm trying to complete a project with a linear CCD. The idea is the TM4C drives the clock signals required for the CCD and in the high and low times it will measure the analogue output signal from the CCD and either write it to an SD card in a txt file or an array (length of the CCD) then once one line has been scanned it writes the values from the array to the SD. I want to do this in C and not with Energia because I need it to be fast with the ADC operating at the maximum 1MSPS. I can do all of the project apart from the writing to the SD card part. I have tried looking through the vari
  2. Hi there, I'm currently using the QFN32 MSP430G2553 and cannot access P3 though Energia. I assume this is because the MSP that comes with the board has no P3, could someone advise me to what to do? Thanks
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