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  1. can u plz send me the code for two ultrasonic sensors....... i tried the same for one hcsr04 its working... but with two hcsr04 its not working properly.... plz help
  2. hi... this code is working perfectly wid 1 sensor.... but when m trying to use more den one sensors... it is considering all the conditions ... how to use it... please help#include "msp430.h" #include "stdint.h" //GPIO Pins #define trigger_pin1 BIT1 #define echo_input_pin1 BIT3 #define led1 BIT0 #define trigger_pin2 BIT3 #define echo_input_pin2 BIT4 #define led2 BIT1 //Ultrasound parameters #define timer_period1 62500 // 4 * 62500 = 250ms #define trigger_pulse1 (timer_period1 - 10) #define us_per_c
  3. how to set time period for 8Mhz frequency for Msp430F5438A?
  4. port 1 interrupt pins r not available in msp430F5438a board? wat should i do?
  5. intrtupt port is not available in msp430F5438A board....so how to provide echo interrupt? whether it is timer interrupt? plz explain about the interrupt? while calculating time period where u have got the value 62500? plz explain?
  6. why did u choose the clock frequency as 1MHz?? will it very for other boards msp430F5438.... ? plz reply
  7. but the trigger pin requires 5v TTL pulse..... will the mosfet provide TTL pulse? m using the code for MSP430F5438A,can u help?
  8. which mosfet should we use for triggering ? how to use it please explain how it works...?
  9. #define timer_period 62500 // 4 * 62500 = 250ms ---how did you assign 62500? plz reply
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