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  1. I am now using rel 14 of energia. ADC reading remains not quite right, whether using pin as parm to analogRead or new def (ie A0). Read pin 2, 6, 23, or 24 by itself, and it works. Read pin 2 followed by 24 and pin 2 returns junk, while pin 24 works. Read pin 2 by itself and its fine. Read pin 2, 6, 23, and 24 and crash the serial comm to USB. Read pin 2, 6, and 24 and serial comm does not crash. New Text Document.txt
  2. I tried the ADC input designations from the Energia tutorial. There, AD0 and so on is used. Would not compile because AD0 not defined. Then I substituted pin 2 like this: int AD0 = analogRead(2); Serial.print(AD0); Serial.print(" "); and it works. But, if I follow that directly with int AD1 = analogRead(6); Serial.print(AD1); Serial.print(" "); AD0 stops working. If I read pin 6 (AD1) alone, it works. Anybody puzzled this out? Is the CC3200 library slated to have ADC input pins named? Which are the ADC input pins? 2,6,23,24,25,26 ? I do very much like the idea of using Energia on this board, but it does not appear to be fully functional. Any comments?
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