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  1. Solved my own problem. For some reason you cannot use the LED's while polling the accelerometers.
  2. Hello, I am having a problem getting the CC3200's built in accelerometer to transmit data over WiFi. I have the BMA222 example working perfectly and I can send static data from the CC3200 easily, but when I combine the two I cannot send accelerometer data over WiFi faster than once every 10 seconds. #include <WiFi.h> #include <Wire.h> #include <BMA222.h> char ssid[] = "private"; char password[] = "vastcartoon245"; unsigned int localPort = 2390; IPAddress ip; long rssi; WiFiUDP Udp; BMA222 mySensor; void setup() { mySensor.begin(); uint8_t chipID = mySensor.ch
  3. I have been attempting to work with serial communication between the board and other devices, but cannot get them to communicate while on connected to the booster pack rails. The only time I have ever gotten any Serial communication to work is by connecting a UART device to J6 & J7 in the middle. Is there a different Pin configuration I need to get those to work? I switched the jumpers on J6 & J7 down after downloading my code to the CC3200.
  4. The example "servo sweep" program under "education" does not seem to compile it gives the error ServoSweep.ino:20:20: fatal error: Servo.h: No such file or directory Anyone able to get a servo to be controlled by the cc3200 with energia?
  5. So are you saying retrieve the data serially? The documentation for the CC3200 mentions support for an 8-bit camera. Is there a way to leverage this?
  6. Awesome! Thanks greeeg! I connected the Jumpers on the J6/J7 block to the top two pins for downloading firmware, then connected my GPS module's TX to the RX pin on the CC3200 (middle left pin on r6/r7 block of pins) to receive serial data from the GPS module.
  7. I would like to use a camera with my CC3200 and transmit the feed over WiFi using enregia. Has anyone done this before? I fount a Booster pack for the camera here, but it doesn't seem to be out yet. I am also found the MT9D111 which seems to be the camera to use with the booster pack. As far as code, I don't see anything in the energia references for image processing.
  8. I am having trouble getting an external serial GPS device (GY-GPS6MV2) to communicate with my CC3200. I have this pin mapping set-up and I have connected pin 3 on the CC3200 to the TX pin of the GPS device. I have uploaded code that should make a test light turn off if it is receiving data, but the light remains on unless I type into the serial monitor. #define LED RED_LED void setup() { pinMode(3, INPUT); pinMode(4, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); Serial.println("GPS Module"); } void loop() { if (Serial.available()) { digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
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