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    craggmire reacted to igor in Serial Communication with External Devices   
    I think the CC3200 has 2 serial ports - could try Serial1, which according to the Pinout has RX on pin 10 (same as green LED).
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    craggmire reacted to zeke in Serial Communication with External Devices   
    Try 4800 baud instead of 9600.
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    craggmire got a reaction from spirilis in Non volatile memory options for cc3200   
    I have put this code together to demonstrate the creation write and read of data to and then from SRAM.
    I have avoided using the readBytes function and instead just use read(); for the reading in bit. 
    // Craggmire  8th  November 2014 // CREATE, OPEN & READ demo using SLFS for TO CC3200 #include <WiFi.h>//Even if no WiFi used this file is essential #include <SLFS.h>//SLFS slfs(); //this creates and instance slfs of the Class SLFS (TI's simpleLink Filing System)   void setup() {   char initialCharacterString[100]="BrightonToLondonViaEridgeLine";   char readInString[100];     int openok;   int filelengthWritten;   int readStatus;   int ValueReturnedByRead;   int n;     Serial.begin(9600);//sets serial line to a manageable speed   Serial.println("Start");   Serial.println("The Initial String: ");   Serial.println("-----------------------------");   Serial.println(initialCharacterString);   Serial.println("-----------------------------");      // BEGIN SLFS     SerFlash.begin();//Essential fof SLFS sets up the DMA etc actually seems to do a WiFi.init(); function call     // THIS CREATES THE FILE ---------------------------   openok=SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_CREATE(1024, _FS_FILE_OPEN_FLAG_COMMIT));// create and open the file with this name   Serial.print("File created :  ");    Serial.println(openok);     // THIS OPENS THE FILE FOR WRITING -----------------   openok=SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_WRITE);  //open ile for writing to   Serial.print("File Opened : ");    Serial.println(openok);   filelengthWritten =SerFlash.write(initialCharacterString);// write content to the file   Serial.print("File length WRITTEN out : ");    Serial.println(filelengthWritten);   SerFlash.close();// close the file      // READ IN THE FILE FROM SRAM --------------------------   Serial.println("=============================");   Serial.println("---- File now being read:");   readStatus= SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_READ);    Serial.print("File Read Status: ");   Serial.println(readStatus);   Serial.println("String returned by Read(): ");   Serial.println("-----------------------------");   n=0;   do   {     ValueReturnedByRead=SerFlash.read();      if  (ValueReturnedByRead != -1)     {       readInString[n]= (char)ValueReturnedByRead; //integer cast to char       Serial.print(readInString[n]);         n++;     }   }   while (ValueReturnedByRead != -1);   Serial.println();   Serial.println("-----------------------------");   SerFlash.close();// close the file }   void loop() { }
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