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  1. I am trying to read sentences form the AdaFruit GPS Breakout based on the G.Top chip I am using the tip provided by Greeg - to get input from the GPS through the middle pin of J6. There appears to be stream of data but it is at the wrong baud rate which I do seem to be able to adjust. Is there another way to connect Rx & Tx to the GPS chip other than through J6 and J7. It all works fine on Arduino Mega 256 as this system has multiple Rx and Tx ports but on the CC3200 the only Rx/Tx is also used to control the chip via the USB. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Thanks @@spirilis for two good & important points. I am coming up against a RAM size issue - my sketches are too big primarily as more library files are added. The CC3200 has 256Kbytes of RAM but I think the amount for each sketch is around 80Kbytes as the rest is, I guess, occupied by the OS. If this restriction is something that has to be lived with, is it possible to get sketches to swap themselves in and out of RAM from the on-board flash (which itself is limited to 1024Kbytes - I believe?
  3. I have put this code together to demonstrate the creation write and read of data to and then from SRAM. I have avoided using the readBytes function and instead just use read(); for the reading in bit. // Craggmire 8th November 2014 // CREATE, OPEN & READ demo using SLFS for TO CC3200 #include <WiFi.h>//Even if no WiFi used this file is essential #include <SLFS.h>//SLFS slfs(); //this creates and instance slfs of the Class SLFS (TI's simpleLink Filing System) void setup() { char initialCharacterString[100]="BrightonToLondonViaEridgeLine"; char readInString[100];
  4. Erm stopped in my tracks, I just don't get how to read the file's contents back in and print the result out. I presume I use the following to make open the existing file for read mode ? SerFlash.open("myfile2.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_READ); Then I use the following and assign the contents somehow to a char[] string? SerFlash.readBytes(char *buffer, size_t len); I just don't know how to get the stored data out (from the buffer??) and show it in the console. Do I need an iterative loop of some sort? Pardon my ignorance - this is probably fundamental.
  5. That's a brill suggestion and it works!! The actual syntax is: SerFlash.begin(); I have amended the code snippet (just to stop your memory wearing out): #include <WiFi.h> #include <SLFS.h> void setup() { SerFlash.begin(); // <====== Essential! Initiates the SimpleLink API and DMA channels. Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("Start"); SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_CREATE(1024, _FS_FILE_OPEN_FLAG_COMMIT)); Serial.println("After Create"); SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_WRITE); Serial.println("After Open"); SerFlash.write("HelloWorld"); Serial.prin
  6. I have been trying to test out the SLFS class as kindly provided by Spirilis but have following problem: Compilation OK Download OK First print to console OK - "Start" is fine Then no further printout to console. Its the same of two different cc3200 dev boards. I am new to Energia and cpp as well. Any help appreciated. This is the code: #include <WiFi.h> #include <SLFS.h> void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { Serial.println("Start"); SerFlash.open("myfile.txt", FS_MODE_OPEN_CREATE(1024, _FS_FILE_OPEN_FLAG_COMMIT)); Serial.println("After Create
  7. The CC3200 stopped connecting to an Access Point (AP) after working fine for a while. It transpired that he SSID had been configured for channel 13 which is beyond the CC3200's range (1 to 11) . Some APs can now be configured to look for the channel with least interference so this may prove an intermittent issue if it decides on 12 or 13.
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