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    Chuckymonkey reacted to spirilis in CC3200 and MAX31855   
    @@Chuckymonkey - Try this little "patch", it's a zip file with 2 files that need to replace some files under Energia's install root (C:\energia-0101E0013 or wherever)
    In theory, this patch should fix the Energia core so the Adafruit library and the other one you posted don't crash the CPU anymore.  Again this zip file should be extracted from within the main energia-0101E0013 directory.  The files it replaces are in the "hardware\cc3200\cores\cc3200" subdirectory.
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    Chuckymonkey reacted to spirilis in CC3200 and MAX31855   
    I think it's the pinMode() functions in the constructor. The GPIO peripheral modules haven't been activated by the time the C++ constructors execute so those pinMode's put the MCU into the Bus Error loop.
    Arduino makes no bones about the fact that those type of "init" tasks shouldn't happen inside the constructor, but should be broken out to a ".begin()" method. Lots of library designers violate that rule with reckless abandon because it typically works on Arduino's original Atmel AVR platform.
    There is a way Energia can make those things work better. We implemented it on the Tiva platform but need to see what needs changing to enable that on the CC3200.
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