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  1. FYI: If you are looking for a good quality touch screen for a Odroid, Raspberry Pi or other SBC project, the Kickstarter for Manga Screen 2 is out now: Full disclosure: I am a backer, and I know Elias (the maker of Manga Screen 2)
  2. Backup process? manual, copying to several separate devices (NASes, temporarily mounted via sshfs). Currently all are in my apartment, so it will not work if there is a burglary or a fire. Also, it won't help if I forget to copy to backup devices.
  3. Wow, netlists - there is a flashback to the old days. Then you would create netlists manually, and use a PCB layout tool to create the circuit board layout. In the years that has passed it seems like focus has been on WYSIWYG tools that hide the netlist from the user. And now it seems we have come full circle again.
  4. Well anyway, I got the package in my hands now. My first thought was that it was very quick this time ("I just only ordered two days ago"). My second thought was that FedEx has at least learned, because I got a text message before any delivery attempts today (so I rerouted it to my work address). Then I checked the tracking and found out FedEx tried to deliver it to my home yesterday. So FedEx is still doing as bad as ever here when it comes to residential delivery. Well, at least TI was quick to ship, and four days from US to here isn't bad.
  5. In that case, Norway isn't part of anywhere :-/
  6. Shipping to Norway is USD 21.- so I settled for just one board. Hopefully the total will be below the threshold for VAT here.
  7. There is a Kickstarter for a new FPGA board about: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1531311296/nandland-go-board-your-fpga-playground I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I have backed them anyway.
  8. Neat! Fuzix is on my list of things to look into, some day.
  9. Revelation: you managed fine for (about) a week without internet.
  10. A few questions: - are the group buy for kits or completed units? (I'm not comfortable with soldering those small surfacemount components yet) - does these nodes depend on (require) anlog.io or any other online service? - what kind of "collector" / ground station can I use to communicate with these nodes? I tried my best, but couldn't find answers to these in the thread. sorry if I missed something.
  11. Update: Jeff, of HxC floppy emulator fame, has created a bootloader for Gotek drives, and released a version of HxC firmware for them too: http://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_drive_emulator/index.html#stm32hxc Ok, it is still in beta, but interesting anyway.
  12. I agree - nicely done tattoo.
  13. I like Tindie. I hope I will continue to like it in the future (I don't know Supply Frame, and I only read Hackaday when I find a link somewhere else).
  14. Possible perhaps to make a pogo pin bed, but not easy. About the Launchpad debuggers, I don't know. The "best" solution (for some values of "best") would perhaps be if somebody reverse-engineered the charge clip circuit (there is a MSP430 in the charge clip, I'm told). Perhaps the charge clip and the developer clip only differ in software. If so, an open source replacement for the software in the charge / developer clips could be written. As it is, this is only speculation at this point. And charge clips is out of stock too.
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