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    RROMANO001 reacted to roadrunner84 in Mailbag   
    I kind of agree with your wife...
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    RROMANO001 reacted to Fred in Mailbag   
    Yesterday my NFC implant turned up. Still looking for someone to implant it for me. It's tricky to do yourself as you need two hands (and it goes in your hand). My wife's a doctor but refuses to do it as "it's weird, geeky and creepy".
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    RROMANO001 reacted to kodi in New MSP-EXP430FR6989 128KB FRAM Launchpad Discounted to $13.99   
    or Ireland - $21. I have one more "but" here. Lately they refused to send me some samples, because they don't think I'm a valid business entity. Seriously? I have registered R&D company in Ireland, my company is a part of bigger network of smaller design entities, We don't do production runs, though.
    I always loved the "I have an idea! let's try this"! Quick, crude design, datasheet digging, and we have an alpha stage. We need some ICs. Sample request to TI, 48 hours later smiling driver delivers the parts. 2 days later prototype is ready for code upload. One week and you can see if the idea was a crappy one or if you are onto something. I was always the "idea guy", leaving ironing out the smaller issues to my colleagues. Am I a preferred business partner for TI? Apparently not. I still refuse to jump on ARM bandwagon for simple things (like sensors or actuators) because I still believe the same results can be achieved using less power on simplier MCU platforms. 
    Really sorry for OT, but actually this Launchpad was the last straw for me. 
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    RROMANO001 reacted to jazz in MSP430F550x based logic analyzer   
    Firmware is done for MSP430F5510, but it should work with any MSP430 USB device. First byte in firmware txt file is XT2 frequency (default 24 MHz, 18h), and it can be changed manually before flashing to requested XT2 value. Supported XT2 values are 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 26.
    At start, it will be checked is it everything OK with setup, and after enumeration, LED on P4.7 (5529 LP LED2) will turn on. Blinking LED is related to setup error. Device will be enumerated as CDC with name 'LA', VID 2047h and PID 099Fh.
    PC side is done in Lazarus 1.4.0 (http://www.lazarus-ide.org), under Win32, but it should work also on Linux. By scroll bar on left down side can be selected port.

    After port is open, right down side will be enabled, together with "Measure" button. Blinking LED is indication for data exchange (2 bytes ping pong, every second) between micro and PC.

    P1 is used as logic analyzer input. Measurement is triggered by PC side, pressing "Measure" button. It also can be triggered by P2 on micro side, P2.0 with high level, and P2.1 (S1 button on 5529 LP) with low level.

    Chart used for result presentation have zoom possibly. "Reset" button will zoom out to start up screen. Here is example of measured 1 MHz signal on P1.2.

    Firmware: la_frm.zip
    CDC Win driver: la_cdc.zip
    PC source: la_source.zip
    PC Win Exe:la_win_exe.zip
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    RROMANO001 reacted to jazz in MSP430F550x based logic analyzer   
    10 years ago (or more) I was working on Win32 schematic editor. Didn't found graphic support that fit to my needs, so I made graphic library (based on DIB, writing directly to graphic memory) in x86 assembler. I'm still using it in combination with free pascal. For logic analyzer I used GUI from my spectrum analyzer project (PC side finished few years ago, uC side not started yet).




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    RROMANO001 reacted to jazz in MSP430F550x based logic analyzer   
    My rule for uc based measuring devices, is fast (sampling) and simple (zero parts if it is possible) realization. Result is here, under 0.1 us resolution, no extra parts, just basic MSP430F550x board, powered by USB from PC.

    Logic signal is from PCM2707 3.3V USB to I2S audio bridge. By default word select frequency is 48 kHz (P1.2), and clock is 64 * 48 kHz =  3.072 MHz (P1.1).

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    RROMANO001 reacted to Tamarinen in Porting mspgcc code to msp430-gcc-opensource   
    Thank you for all your responses,
    The question about documentation is a very good one, and SLAA664 plus SLAU591A, available from their download page, does indeed seem a bit meager, documentation-wise. SLAA534, linked from them, seem to contain interesting reading material for an evening or two, and SLAU132J should keep me busy for the rest of the week. Is there anything else a beginner in this field should read up on? I often find statements such as "no biggie, just tweak the interrupts, and it works", which does sound encouraging. I'll just have to learn the old and new interrupt syntax, and I'm good to go.
    Is there anything in particular you should keep in mind when converting makefiles and such? Like "sumthin-elf looks like it's compatible with the mspgcc sumthin, but watch out for the -z flag, it deletes your source in the new environment, while giving it an oil bath in the old".
    I'm a Fedora type of guy, and the last Fedora with a working mspgcc chain seem to be 20 ( https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1175942), otherwise I'd try that to get up to speed before jumping on the new chain.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to abecedarian in New toys on June 10th!   
    Go to the page for the processor itself then click on the SAMPLE / BUY tab, for example http://www.ti.com/product/TMS570LS1227/samplebuy.
    TMS570LS1227 is about $15-16 USD each in 1000 quantity, depending on package.
    TMS570LC4357 is about $39 USD in 1000 quantity. http://www.ti.com/product/TMS570LC4357/samplebuy
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    RROMANO001 got a reaction from simalrow in Why does this code's iF statement not work   
    I need help from you, please locate where is the line 32 column 24, post that line and I see what can be. I also suppose this come from if statement where an integer value returned instead of boolean.
    When test is for zero I use if(!variable) instead of if(variable==0)
    !variable is equivalent to variable==0
     variable is equivalent to variable!=0
    in your case it read as
     Preferences are left to user, if you use buttonPressed then it is better assign correct value to variable:
    buttonPressed = !digitalRead(pushButton);
     Take care of another possible set of error:
     Logic function: They return true false generally 1 and 0 and test for zero or non zero
     == equality
     != exor
     ! NOT
     && And
     || Or
    Bitwise logic, they act bit for bit to variable so:
     ~ NOT revert bit for bit (if zero return oxffff.... if non zero return non zero)
     & bitwise and, if both variable are different from zero but on different bits it return zero
     |  bitwise or, it return zero if both are false but non zero instead of 1
     ^ bitwise xor
     Precedence of operator are not the same, bitwise are better to be surrounded by parentheses.
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    RROMANO001 got a reaction from simalrow in Why does this code's iF statement not work   
    I am also newbie on energia, I am using under Linux so I leave a console open where I can see error messages, I suppose you can open a cmd widows if you are on win or same console on IOS, anyway you can browse messages and find warning and errors or simply select all, copy and paste on an editor then analyse with search.
     If you also installed CCS import sketch on CCS, error console list warning then you get on line with a double click on error line.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to abecedarian in TI Hercules. Suitable for casual and hobby use?   
    I concede that BGA is not "hobby" friendly, but this discussion should be about the LaunchPads themselves, not the chips they contain.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to abecedarian in TI Hercules. Suitable for casual and hobby use?   
    In another thread, questions were raised about if the Hercules processors were suitable for hobbyist and casual users.
    I'd like to discuss this.
    The relevant content of the post was presented by @@RROMANO001 and is:

    Before we get too deep, I'll start with "two BP socket not fully wired".
    The BP standard currently shown on TI's Build Your Own BoosterPack site depicts two pins on the headers declared as "reserved", though those were used on previous LPs.

    "High-speed" design is subjective. FWIW, many of the traces on the new LC4537 LP are 0.5 mil... and they 90 degree many of them {gasp}.
    I could tell you the most rapid signal I have to deal with on my engine might be 60 tooth wheel for position sensing on a shaft, and at 15000 revolutions per minute, that works out to 250 revolutions per second and further means 15000 signals per second with that 60 tooth wheel, so 15KHz or maybe 30KHz if you want to capture both rising and falling signals, right? Is that high speed? Does I2C/IIC work at 100KHz over 0.1" headers? Do ESC / motor controllers work over 0.1" headers?
    I'll stop here because I want discussion.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to rockets4kids in Why does this code's iF statement not work   
    The simple solution is to always place the constant on the left hand side.  This will always force an error if you use = instead of ==
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    RROMANO001 reacted to abecedarian in New toys on June 10th!   
    New LP next to previous LP:

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    RROMANO001 reacted to abecedarian in New toys on June 10th!   
    @@RROMANO001 - I can't speak with regards to TI's sites' quality. I did alter the wiki page you pointed at and added the LAUNCHXL2 boards. Maybe if more people participated, there would be less error? TI, if I remember correctly, has been going through major website changes trying to bring all the products they supply together in to a common presentation, so I will give some sympathy to them.
    Also, I think discussion about Hercules and if it is appropriate for hobby / casual users should be a different topic. Maybe start something in the "General" section in this area of http://43oh.com?
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    RROMANO001 reacted to rockets4kids in Porting mspgcc code to msp430-gcc-opensource   
    Before migrating to TIs gcc compiler you will really want to investigate its actual condition and level of support.  For instance, can you even find any proper documentation on the new compiler?
    The older toolchain, though obsolete, is more reliable and much better suited for most projects.
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    RROMANO001 got a reaction from simalrow in Why does this code's iF statement not work   
    Hi , as abcedarian wrote too, this is a typical beginner but seldom non beginner too hard to find on big code.
    Compiler generate a warning sometimes many of us ignore then program behaviour appear as strange, comparison in this case is substituted by an assignment, this assignment on c forever return the assigned value.
     If returned value is zero is equivalent to false, if not zero it is true so your code forever execute as if(0) or if(FALSE).
    Hope this can help understand better.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to abecedarian in New toys on June 10th!   
    That is funny... sort of.
    I didn't make that error but now it's fixed.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to L.R.A in Energia MT / TI-RTOS support for other boards   
    I think the next board in line is the CC3200 actually, let's see how long it takes.

    If you want TI RTOS they are already supported but of course Energia MT is much easier to use
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    RROMANO001 reacted to spirilis in i2c Energia Wire lib don't work (Launchpad connected with pcf8576 lcd 10d)   
    Maybe it should be, yeah... I2C is a nice protocol IMO but it can be a squirrely little pain in the butt
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    RROMANO001 reacted to dubnet in Newark 15% coupon code + Free Shipping over $149   
    Out of curiosity I went through checkout on a TI board and a Cypress board and they did give a discount with the code...5%
    Better than nothing....
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    RROMANO001 reacted to vinicius.jlantunes in New MSP-EXP430FR6989 128KB FRAM Launchpad Discounted to $13.99   
    I feel sad now when I see these offers. In the good old days of free shipping I would get one of these no doubt, but now cost of shipping to Brazil (+ import duties) is prohibitive.
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    RROMANO001 reacted to jazz in programming a MSP430G2955?   
    Picture (MSP430F2132) from http://e2e.ti.com

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    RROMANO001 reacted to spirilis in MSP430G2955 Launchpad Development   
    Energia's SPI was never really designed to use USCI_A at all, since the "boosterpack designated" location is on the USCI_B pins only for the various MSP430 LaunchPads.
    That said, you would need to modify those for sure, but then also rewrite the SPI library's utility/usci_spi.cpp (found in hardware/msp430/libraries/SPI)
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