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  1. Hi I don't like the term Arduino too, I use Energia to look what is ready for peripheral and sometimes help me to pinpoint what is wrong on some devices where test sketch is available. I wrote complete SSD1963 device driver as from data sheet, I made it working from a sketch extrapolating all number and I never understood why parameter are not following what is written on DS. IDE is too poor and using it as teaching support can help on first approach but then need a good knowledge of what is a processor. Good idea from MIT "processing" tools, appreciable the porting to uC world but this ca
  2. Hi Solipso, I am migrating away from TI too but I disagree about MSP430, I found more bad TIVA technology than MSP, 5529 outperform TIVA 123, rebuilding all design where based on MSP is too much expensive in time and I don't find M0 part more reliable or really faster or more low power. I am sure also casing is a constraint so for now I remain on my idea of MSP on periphery. Also I continue teach MSP to student and not TIVA nor MSP432 I don't like, good peripheral but worst core. ARM I use was on BeagleBoard but again I revaluated RaspBerry, less power but more and more popular. Otherwise a
  3. Hi, I suppose you are the same I answered on E2E forum, is that covering your question about this topic? https://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/tiva_arm/f/908/t/441491 regards Robert
  4. I am using it many way: Teaching it can fit on breadboard just with reset resistor and power capacitor. Prototype to test hardware or software before have board. Development and production on small package 32QFN I learned how to solder on board to test first board before preproduction. TSSOP or SSOP on small production of less than 100 board when some hand solder are needed instead of loading pick and place.
  5. Hi Abecedarian, I am not so expert on space program and new technology but I think MSP432 can be 65nm tech so it can be too much sensitive to radiation. About FRAM I don't know due I never used it, MSP satisfied me for long time also on very low power and I appreciated ENERGIA library was entering deep sleep as soon as possible. When radiation can be the issue radiation hardened technology has to be chosen and geometry give a main rule. About lock step, low speed large geometry are better, lock step is a big help, cannot be programmed on ENERGIA (IMHO), a space product must pass strict tes
  6. I suppose the green highlighted text was 5 mils(127um), it is a terrify measure scaring manufacturer and closing to lowest limit of very few in the world, I don't know so many can do these ultra fine lines. http://www.we-online.com/web/en/leiterplatten/willkommen_/Willkommen.php http://www.wedirekt.de/index.php/home http://www.we-online.com/web/de/leiterplatten/layout/layout_service/layoutservice.php?parLANG=DE&parFOOTER=1008611&ls_name=&ls_country=DE&ls_plz=&pcb_search=Suchen http://www.sfcircuits.com/pcb-production-capabilities/hdi-pcb-micro-circuits if someone
  7. Hi ROB, I think I skipped this important thing: Hi this is Roberto from Italy, greetings to all fora users. Roberto
  8. About this, sorry, I am professional developer and programming teacher too, first you have to don't mess up other, so try in first focus your target, when this is clear refine step by step one thing at time. Posting in a disordered manner just confuse you and other try to help you confused by you.. This is impossible to clean and final result can be more crappy and time consuming task to all as you think. Again I am using modbus from a very long time, are modbus packet transported by CANBUS? So you are dealing just with packets free of timing constraint of RS485? Is CANBUS your single
  9. and from SPI NRF library released by Spirillis, if this is the one are you using: Enrf24 radio(P2_0, P2_1, P2_2); // CE, CSN, IRQ pins this case both devices use the same pins for CS and CSN, this is a conflict, please can you post as I requested: - which pin are connected to NRF - which pin are connected to ENC -*** SETUP of SPI and pin assignment for NRF -*** SETUP of SPI and pin assignment for ENC - Which library are you using, please point where you got them to have reference at hand. If both library use same additional pin conflict can garbage communication on dev
  10. Documentation say where SPI channel are mapped but nothing about additional pin, so for NRF module I see this: /*Mapeo de pines SPI del Stellaris LMF120H5QR*/ #define P2_0 PA_5 // CE #define P2_1 PA_6 // CSN #define P2_2 PA_7 // IRQ these pin refer to SPI1 What about SPI of enc module? is as original wired to SPI3? this case all is ok Are all NRF pin connected the right way? Just do an inspection to NRF library too.
  11. Hi, I am interested to follow your post but you are posting a huge coding at every post, this result in long pages where similar part of code appear and need be compared. IMHO it can be better expose your need and progress, dedicate more word to progress and insert code as attachment. Anyway question of dangling reference, assign null value to pointer before to use and when disposed, this help check not allocating twice and nor try deallocate memory is no more committed to your pointer. free of a null pointer is less troubling than a dangling pointer. Modbus is modbus over CAN or rs48
  12. Impossible to say something about your problem but we can say about our: How are both device connected to microcontroller? I assume you are using an LP Stellaris HQ120 or a new TIVA 123, are pin used for SPI devices separated? are you sure no collision between channel? Is IRQ service updated? More detail are needed before to say just try something. Why not use LP connected instead of a slow device like enc28j60?
  13. Radiation hardened in first can have shield, cosmic rays are hard to shield. Another point to take on sensitivity are device technology, 130nm are less sensitive than 65 and old large devices are even less sensitive to radiation. About bit failure and redundancy when a particle collide silicon and flip some bit, when this failure get detected? What is the best chip geometry? Good question, ok if this is an hobby it is awesome but seems aerospace area than casual Roberto
  14. No, I delayed till mid of june, I am busy to prepare exam session and end of session school work. After that I evaluate also if preferred way seems to be FPGA only and MSP for support. I can be more interested on small footprint, I can evaluate Hercules series I never approached, I am not sure can fit on C2000 application or where TIVA was chosen for CAN support. Step locked can be a good idea on PMSM control, maybe I can try vibration analysis and motion control on LP device. Thank for all hints. Roberto.
  15. Yes I fully documented issue, they called me by phone too but problem still exists, I was not just calling for free shipping but to have prepaid custom fee, this avoid expensive delivery and problem search for correct amount to pay on delivery. I don't like gambling so I forever need cost for sure to compile exact bill. When LP was 4.30 to lower shipping prices I bought in volume to distribute to students. Now it is better buy from distributor, I just placed an order to Farnell (element 14), free shipping and no surprise cost much less than TI.
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