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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to implement a pulse counter that counts square wave at around 1-2Hz. The input is at pin 34. I am running WDT interval to function as a clock so that i can use the results to count the interval between the pulses. However, the counter I put into the WDT vector does not count up, but the LED at pin 32 does light, which I am using to check if it enters the interrupt. I was wondering if anyone can provide any assistance with this. #include <msp430.h> volatile unsigned int count; volatile unsigned int beat_count; void InitializeSqWaveInput(void); char string[7];
  2. Hi Fred, Apologies for the lack of information provided, I have debugged and tried various configuration and am fairly sure the issue with this is that I do not fully understand how the interrupts work (I can't seem to find good documentation I can understand.) What happens in the main is fairly simple: uart_puts sends a string of character; this can be used to output a message (e.g. uart_puts((char *)"Welcome"); // Prints a welcome message) uart_getc gets a character input, this can be used as a trigger (e.g. unsigned char c = uart_getc(); //Retrieves input character; c can then trigger
  3. Alright I have taken the advice and tried to understand how to use the eUSCI Interrupt Vectors, however I find it hard to understand and have instead made it worse. Was wondering if anyone can help me with this? Or perhaps point me to something easier to understand, thanks. #include "msp430.h" #include "uart.h" #define RXD BIT6 #define TXD BIT5 volatile unsigned int tx_flag = 0; //Mailbox Flag for the tx_char. volatile unsigned char tx_char; //This char is the most current char to go into the UART volatile unsigned int rx_flag = 0; //Mailbox Flag for the rx_char. volatile unsign
  4. Thanks for the reply Katie and Fred, I will fix this and check out the link with the FR5969 code examples.
  5. Hi guys, new around here and I am also a beginner (my only experience so far is withat needs your help to implement a UART interface for the FR5969. This is modified from an example from http://longhornengineer.com/projects/code/msp-430-launch-pad/uart-and-fifos/ that was implemented for the G2553. I tried to get it to work but can't seem to receive anything on my phone(Using BlueTerm). I am not sure if I missed anything out, or made a mistake and would like you guys to help me. #include "msp430.h" #include "uart.h" #define LED BIT0 #define RXD BIT6 #define TXD BIT5 volatile unsigned int
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