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  1. zaphreux

    CC3200 LaunchPad Pins Map

    Hi all, Trying to use PUSH1 for testing, but using pin 4 as described on last pin maps for launchpad CC3200. My programm failed to see changed when I push the button. Using PUSH1 define, my programm work well. In file pins_energia.h, PUSH1 is defined as 3, and on pin map picture, PUSH1 is show as pin 4 Regards
  2. zaphreux

    CC3200 Launchpad and UART

    Hi all, I'm trying to understand UART pins for CC3200 Launchpad. I'm also using an Bus Pirate V3.5 for reading serial communication. Using Serial.println("some string UART1"); I read it on pin P2/12 called RX(0) (ref to http://energia.nu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/cc3200lppinmap.jpg) after moving jumper RX/TX but if I want, using the same RX pin on Bus Pirate, read the Serial1.println("some string UART 2");, I have to connect to pin P1/9 also called TX(1). Is there an mistake ? What about RX, TX pins on P1/3,4 and RX(1).TX(1) on P4/40,39 Regards