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  1. Just in case anyone is interested this problem has been resolved. I purchased a new MSP432 Launchpad, it is Rev 2.1 versus the previous Rev 2.0 I was using. I found the link to the "out of box GUI" (which was not straight forward the location is NOT where the documentation with the LaunchPad indicates) and ran that from the Cloud, it worked just fine. To me that proved the serial port was communicating both ways. I then loaded my simple check out program and it worked just fine. I then plugged in my Rev 2.0 MSP432 LaunchPad (which used to work just fine) and uploaded the same chec
  2. Some more information on this issue. I tried running my MSP430 Launchpad on the "new" Energia and Windows 10 combination. The program compiles and uploads without errors, but if I use the serial port it completely locks up my computer and I can only reset the entire computer to recover. This exact same MSP430 Launchpad worked just fine with the serial port on an older Energia and Windows version as mentioned in the first post. Most perplexing.
  3. It seems after a Windows 10 upgrade the serial monitor does not work for Energia 1.8 for the MSP432. Looking at the EVENTS in the Device Manager shows the serial port is not migrated, but the device properties says the COM port is working properly. I have reloaded the XDS110 drivers and get the same results. The serial monitor function was working properly until Windows was upgraded. (Windows 10 Pro version 1909). I have tried many of the Regedit solutions suggested to get a device to properly migrate to no avail. On another laptop I used an older version of Energia 0101E0017 and Win
  4. All, This used to work. I am trying to Upload the multi-asking example (again) of the Blink program from the examples. I successfully uploaded this program and ran it on my MSP432 LaunchPad board just a week ago. I have installed the new drivers and get the results shown below. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. I just don't see any error clues in the output, all I get is "Upload Failed". Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks. ************* cut and paste from Energia 17 window ******** C:\Energia17\tools\common\bin\make --no-print-directory -C C:\Users\
  5. Thank you, this solution worked perfectly. However it is was not exactly obvious to a casual observer. I am glad that the readers of this forum have the in depth knowledge to solve issues like this. Thanks again. John
  6. All, I tried the suggestion and moved the Energia directory to be in C:. I get the same error, just with shorter directory names. I am somewhat troubled to find a .tmp (C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Temp\build5110119268881189296.tmp) file being used somehow when Energia 17 is trying to compile. Why isn't everything being sourced out of the directory created when the .zip was unpacked? Any clues or suggestions on how to solve this would be appreciated. Thanks, John ********************** Error message ***************************** C:\Energia17\tools\common\bin\make --
  7. All, After totally reloading the latest drivers and Energia 17 I still cannot upload or compile, but I get a different error message. It appears that a file called "clean" is missing from the drivers? Any ideas what is missing and how to fix it? I have Windows 7 64 bit OS running on my laptop. Thanks, John ***************** error message from Energia 17 C:\Users\user1\Downloads\energia-0101E0017-windows\energia-0101E0017\tools\common\bin\make --no-print-directory -C C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Temp\build3924736852001100217.tmp\ -f C:\Users\user1\Downloads\energia-0101E
  8. I am having problems with uploading too, just different error messages. I installed the new drivers and get the same error message. I thought I followed the installation instructions for Energia 17. I have used previous versions of Energia with no issues. Anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this? Thanks, John *********************** Error message ********************** C:\Users\user1\Documents\Energia 17\energia-0101E0017\hardware\common\Makefile:19: C:\Users\user1\Documents\Energia: Permission denied C:\Users\user1\Documents\Energia 17\energia-0101E0017\hardware\comm
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