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  1. SOLVED: as @@Lgbeno assured me that he is using this method and other of you also suggested that this should work I've reconnected all the wires and run the programmer - this time it was success from beginning (i was prepared to check each wire and and also check SBW with scope, so i consider the circuit was really scared of it). floating ground of my transformer was joined with ground of the programmer (launchpad) powered from usb and 2 sbw were used. thanks all!
  2. i went to KiCAD from Eagle and I'm happy. I also tried Altium, but it seemed to me all was a bit less user friendly than in the recent CERN's KiCAD releases. Only what I miss in KiCAD is lack of automated integrated autorouter, freerouter is a replacement, but it is not a part of the distribution. btw: MultiSIM (blue) will be free and should have the PCB design *free.
  3. i've caps 1u and 100n. swap to 1u -> 10u, bigger cap does not improve/smooth voltage ripple better than the 1u. as i will do changes in the circuit i may try to use 10u.
  4. i had the same setup as on p16 http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slau318e/slau318e.pdf , except the cap to ground was 2.2nF. recently i get rid of the cap as i had problem to program the board (checked with oscilloscope and the signal edges seemed too much rounded) if the 2.2nF cap was in place. i'll put the cap back, this time exact 1nF and double check the grounds, good to hear that this must work. will post the result.
  5. greetings from Czech Rep. to all of you. my interest is to use msp as a control for DCO unit. i've tried some atmels, but msp fits me way better.
  6. hi all there, i would like to ask the forum how to programm or debug MSP430 (sbw) when the chip is powered from a supply which has other ground potential than the programmer/debugger. i've simply tried to join the grounds of a dev board (which gets the power from usb) and the chip but this it did not worked for me. of course, if i do supply the chip from usb all works. geting the chip out every time or turn all the other circuitry off is not possible (when debugging or TSSOP) so i wonder where the problem could be. should i make some pricey gadget like the bidirectional optocoupler, whic
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