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  1. The image shows 9 purples, but I believe P1_7 and P2_3 can't be used for a PWM outputs because they correspond TA1.0 and TA2.0. So that implies 7 PWMs are possible. The .h file digital_pin_to_timer also lists seven that are >=1 at the end and are not B ports. It would be great to free up TB0.5 and TB0.6, but these are marked as reserved on the BoosterPack pinout standard, so maybe that's why. Maybe that is also the reason for TB0.2 which is marked **. BTW, something is funny about that last line of digital_pin_to_timer because T0B1 is not on P4.7. Bottom line, the answer to my que
  2. I found out from this post that there are 14 PWM outputs possible on the MSP430F5529 microcontroller, and 10 PWM outputs possible on the MSP430F5529 Launchpad. How many are possible when using Energia? I think it is less, but I can't tell from the .h file. I will be using a custom BoosterPack so it doesn't have to stick to that standard. Thanks, Ben
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