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  1. Can you check whether you selected Serial port from Tools->Serial Port.
  2. Thanks chicken for your input. 10 seconds latency is fine with me. I can do that, every 10 seconds check with raspberry pi webserver whether it has any input and i can interact with raspberry pi webserver to issue the command. Do you have any example hibernate code? As spirilis was saying, the Energia is not ready for this. Do I need to use TI CCS do to this? Can you please suggest. Thanks Venu
  3. Thanks a lot Spirilis for the explanation. Got it Does the hardware in CC3200 supports it? By looking at power modes in CC3200 document, i thought i can keep the MCU in hibernate mode and keep the network processor as active mode. But as you said, webserver itself may consume lot of power. I will explain my application, can you please suggest right way to do it. I want to rotate a stepper motor wirelessly from mobile or Raspberry pi. Mostly it will be a very small rotation and it is controlled very rarely may be once in a day. I want to power it using 2 or 4 AA batteries. I am fine us
  4. Hi All, I just started using cc3200 launch pad. I could get a external LED blink from webserver running on cc3200. I used SimpleWebServerWifi example to achieve it. Now I wanted to power the launch pad using 2 AA batteries. I could power it as per instructions, but it is not lasting more than 1 hour. Can someone tell me how to enable power saving mode? I want to wakeup only GPIO pins after webserver receives any request. Please help me. Thanks Venu
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