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  1. Hello , i finished my project and now i want do work the MSP430 G2553 standalone (without the Launchpad). It works with 3 ultra bright LEDs and are stored under the case of a lamp box with plexiglass. What kind of batteries would you recommend me to hold those 3,3V for the longest time? Or just tell me how you are driving your MSP430 standalone? Thanks !
  2. No Proffessional Coder here, who can do it in a few seconds? Would be very very grateful!
  3. Those 3 LEDs should fade alternating very slowly. Yes, i bought 3 super bright LEDs and other electric stuff for it, but i do not get used to those interrupts and timers :/
  4. I am played about a week now with that code, but i am not able to amplify it for 3 LEDs. Can anybody help me with the Code? Or I have to change to Energia
  5. Aim is to fade 3 LEDs alternating very slowly in a lamp powered by batteries. I think oPossums solution there is a good one, isn't it ? But I am new to MSP430 so it is quite confusing...
  6. Next aim is to let both LED fade alternating. Is it a good idea to go on with oPossums Code (because you said he is a wizard ) and try to get it or change code?
  7. Hello Community, I found this really amazing Code from oPossoum in the Code Vault for fading a LED. The problem is, I would like to make both LED on the launchPad fading. I am really new to MSP430G2553 and played a lot with the Code, tried to understand Clocks, Interrupts, etc. , but I am not able to get it :/ Can anybody help me how to or give me a good advice? Thanks! #include <msp430.h> #include <stdint.h> void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; DCOCTL = 0; BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_16MHZ; DCOCTL = CALDCO_16MHZ; P1DIR = P1SEL = BIT6; TACCTL1 = OUTMOD_7; T
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