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    remixed reacted to Rei Vilo in New Grove BoosterPack from Seeed Studio   
    The Grove BoosterPack only re-routes the pins from the LaunchPad and adds no circuitry in between, so actually the LaunchPad defines the features of the pins on the BoosterPack.
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    remixed reacted to adrianF in New Grove BoosterPack from Seeed Studio   
    Hey all
    Just wanted to announce the availability of the Grove Base BoosterPack from Seeed Studio! Here's a quick blog post that introduces the BoosterPack
    In short, this BoosterPack enables the LaunchPad kits to gain access to Seeed Studio's HUGE list of Grove modules. I believe they have over 130 different modules today, ranging from ultrasonic, moisture, temperature, gas, relays, displays & more.
    While these modules can interface with any of the TI LaunchPads, they pair especially well with cloud-connected LaunchPad kits such as the CC3200 for IoT applications/intelligent sensors.

    The nice thing is that most of these modules have Wiring/Arduino-based example sketches & libraries, so they work very well with Energia.
    Here's a quick video demo of us using the Grove modules to create a cloud-connected wireless RF sensor network:
    Here's a blog post with more details: http://energia.nu/rapid-prototyping-made-easy-with-the-grove-base-boosterpack-starter-kit-from-seeedstudio/ 
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    remixed reacted to miguelmiranda in CC3200 Wifi and analogRead   
    I'm a new member in this forum, and this forum is being very usefull for me to start using cc3200 launchpad with Energia.
    I'm currently facing a problem regarding the analogRead() function, namely with channel 0 (IC Pin 57, BP P3.3 or 23).
    When I execute analogRead(2), analogRead(6) and analogRead(24), the value retrieved is correct. With analogRead(23) I always get 4095. 
    I found that this pin is shared with FTDI, and after programming I changed the Jumper 6 position to route the signal to the BP header.
    Anyone with same problem? Ideas?
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    remixed reacted to Rei Vilo in CC3200 LaunchPad Pins Map   
    Well, the PIN_57 naming scheme is misleading. Use instead the pins numbers in black.
    So please find an updated version of the pins map for the LaunchPad CC3200.

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    remixed reacted to energia in Serial Port Greyed Out on Macintosh   
    Just to make sure, have you installed the drivers that are posted on the energia.nu website here? http://energia.nu/guide/guide_macosx/
    The drivers from FTDI will not work since the Product and Vendor ID for the CC3200 are not included in the standard FTDI drivers. The driver posted on the Energia website have been modified to recognize the CC3200. Make sure that you install these drivers.
    Also make sure that you read through the rest of the guide here http://energia.nu/guide/guide_macosx/ and the guide for critical jumper settings here http://energia.nu/cc3200guide/
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