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  1. Hi Adrian and others, I just came across the Groove BoosterPack and it looks like it would be perfect for professional product development. So much cleaner and quicker than bread boarding or making a custom booster pack. I can have a basic prototype together in days instead of weeks. I develop in c and not Energia...which I am assume is fine as the BoosterPack is just routing pins to plugs. But I do have some questions about routing, as I was wondering if it can be used in a current project I am scoping. The Groove BoosterPack has clearly marked, Analog, Serial and Digital . But I
  2. Thanks Robert, that sorted it out, I can now use Energia on my Macintosh. Thanks also for the links to the guide, I will make sure I RTFM! EDIT: Nice trick with the jumper cable....this will save me a lot of time, was getting quite annoyed with having to take the SOP2 jumper off and on.
  3. Yes, I tried starting Energia first and then adding the device, same result. I have now read through the posts you have provided, it seems as though for the moment, this is unlikely to be easy or even possible to resolve.
  4. I am trying to upload a sketch but am unable to, as there is no way to set the port, as the Serial Port option is greyed out in the Tools menu. I am running OSX 10.9.5, my device (CC3200 LaunchPad) is being recognised on the USB bus (see details below). USB <-> JTAG/SWD: Product ID: 0xc32a Vendor ID: 0x0451 (Texas Instruments) Version: 5.00 Serial Number: cc3200 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: FTDI Location ID: 0xfa130000 / 6 Current Availab
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