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  1. You can try to compensate the diode voltage drop by putting another (series) diode (same type as the protection one) between the GND pin of the 3.3 V LDO and the GND of your circuit board.

    In this way you will raise the LDO's reference with the same amount you loose on the protection diode.

  2. Hi Chris,


    maybe the installation instructions for CCS under Linux will help?

    The part I'm meaning is:


    New in CCSv6.2.0 Starting with this version of CCS, the application is natively 64-bit and only requires one 32-bit library installed.

    From a terminal prompt, issue the following command to install it: sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 This is due to the fact Linux 64-bit versions of the TI compilers were not yet ready.



  3. Hi Robert,


    Just for the record, is working for me under OpenSuse Leap (64 bit) with TM4C1294XL (Tivac). Installing the TM4C1294XL board just worked.

    No extensive tests done, just loaded a couple of library examples (Blink and ASCIITable), compiled, programmed in the LP and checked they are working. And are.

    I have the filling it starts faster than Energia 17.


    Thanks for your work,


  4. Hello,


    the EEPROM library comming with Energia doesn't work or me neither, but after some changes I've been able to successfully write and read the EEPROM on my TM4C1294.

    As stated on e2e forum, the EEPROM should be enabled like any peripheral. I've put the initialization code from the e2e page in a new EEPROM methode:

    void EEPROMClass::init(void)
      SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_EEPROM0);  //#include <driverlib/sysctl.h> also necessary

    More than that, the ROM functions in driverlib don't work, but the "non ROM" ones do => I've changed the library to use these ones.

    Attached are the changed EEPROM files (.h & .cpp).

    I haven't done any improvement (as suggested by Igor) to the library.

    Hope this helps someone!






  5. Hello Grant,


    For the lm4f (TIVAC), Energia.h (../energia/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/) has the following defines:

    #if defined(__TM4C129XNCZAD__)
    #define PART_TM4C129XNCZAD
    #elif defined(__TM4C1294NCPDT__)
    #define PART_TM4C1294NCPDT
    #elif defined(__LM4F120H5QR__) || defined(__TM4C123GH6PM__)
    #define PART_TM4C1233H6PM
    #define PART_LM4F120H5QR
    #error "**** No PART defined or unsupported PART ****"

    Maybe you can use some of these defines?




  6. The only file on sdcard is "SD card test.txt",

    PFatFS uses the 8.3 naming convention.That means, a longer name will be "truncated" to 8 characters. In the case of a file with a name as you used ("SD card test.txt"), PFatFS shows me it as "SDCARD~1.TXT".

    Maybe an ideea will be to start keeping just the directory listing part from the test sketch, to see if you have communication and just the name is wrong, or you don't have communication at all.

    /* Program Main                                                          */
    void loop()
        Serial.println("Open root directory.");
            rc = FatFs.opendir(&dir, "");
        if (rc) die(rc);
            Serial.println("Directory listing...");
        for (; {
            rc = FatFs.readdir(&dir, &fno);    /* Read a directory item */
            if (rc || !fno.fname[0]) break;    /* Error or end of dir */
            if (fno.fattrib & AM_DIR) {Serial.print("<dir>\t"); Serial.println(fno.fname);delay(100);}
            else {Serial.print(fno.fsize);Serial.print("\t"); Serial.println(fno.fname);delay(100);}
        if (rc) die(rc);
        Serial.print("Test completed.");
        //for (; ;

    PS I'm using a tivac board.

  7. Hello all,


    I think I found a mistake in the CC3200 Launchpad pin map (pins_energia.h).

    In the file I have (Energia 0101E0013), the push-button 1 is defined as Pin 3

    static const uint8_t PUSH1 = 3;
    but from the map on the energia.nu it should be on the Pin 4

    static const uint8_t PUSH1 = 4;



    PS Sorry if this issue was already reported, I've found nothing on the github list.

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