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    janisalnis got a reaction from igor in New Energia release 0101E0013 - 09/05/2014   
    On CC3200-LAUNCHXL is onboard I2C temperature sensor TMP006 chip and accelerometer BMA222 chip. They are used in Out-Of-the-Box demo. And in CCStudio examples there are files tmp006drv.c and tmp006drv.h. I have used these files in my CCStudio projects.
    Hope that will be possible to read them in Energia.
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    janisalnis reacted to igor in New Energia release 0101E0013 - 09/05/2014   
    Please note that the example you are trying to load is for a TMP006 infra-red temperature sensor, which is part of the Educational Boosterpack Mark 2.  I do not believe that there is a TMP006 temperature sensor built in to the CC3200, so this probably is not an onboard sensor. [Edit: My memory was wrong, turns out it does have a TMP006]
    It looks like there is indeed an omission in the CC3200 section of energia.  It could be that the TMP006 driver has not been tested or does not work with the CC3200 (and they neglected to remove the demo), or that the TMP006 driver was inadvertently omitted.
    If you want to read from the temperature sensor built in to the CC3200, if it works like the Stellaris/Tiva processors, then there would be a special ADC channel to read that sensor.  (Don't know if there are demos that cover this specifically.)
    I did a little poking around and it looks like all the BP mark 2 examples which rely on libraries (Servo, LCD_, TMP006) do not work on CC3200 because the requisite libraries do not exist on that platform.  I will submit an issue.
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