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  1. I am using DS18S20, and supposedly I'm doing the right math for it. I am simply comparing the same sensor type readout between two platforms (raspberry pi vs TM4C1294) . Almost always on tiva c its 2-3+ degrees hotter. So I'm wondering why the difference between two exactly identical sensors (i'm pointing fingers at the platform/library). As you say the sensor is very accurate so I'd expect to see both readouts within a degree of each other. I've been running multiple DS18S20 sensors on a Pi and the output is more close together when they are reading the same area. Great work o
  2. Did any of you guys verify the correctness of the temperature? I am using DS18S20, and while i do get a temperature reading, its a few degrees off. I am running the same sensor on the raspberry pi and its pretty close to ambient temp.
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