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  1. Hi guys! Trying to get a Fraunchpad working with a GY-521, but no luck yet!
  2. Hi guys! I am having some problems connecting my MSP430FR5739 to a MPU6050 (GY-521). It is a custom made board and I have tested the I2C bus with a HMC5883L and its working. The MSP, when connected to the MPU6050, does not even run the code. Can you help me? Thanks, AS
  3. Hi guys! I'm having problems with my MSP430FR5739 and a GY-521! When I connect the MPU to the MSP430 it stops everything, does not run the program. I have a custom board for the MSP and tested the I2C bus with a HMC5883L and it works. Any ideas where the problem might be? Thanks in advance! AS
  4. Hi! Have you had any luck with the GY-521? I have a MSP430FR5739 and a GY-521 and can't put them talk with each other. I have tried with a MSP430G2452 and it worked very well! Can anybody help? Thanks
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