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  1. Rob, How are things coming along with these touch screens? As indicated earlier, I am still pretty keen on getting a few of these in my hands. Let me know how you would like to work out the transaction when you are ready. I sure appreciate the product you are providing! Thanks, Nate
  2. Rob, May I speak for four of the upcoming touchscreens? I'm willing to commit in whatever form is most convenient for you to hold them for me. Respectfully, Nate
  3. Rob, A few months ago I purchased a handful of these from you: http://store.43oh.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=80 Development has progressed nicely, but I think we are ready for the next step. We really need a touch screen. I can see that you built some booster packs (albeit a bit smaller than these) with touch screens. However, they also appear to be sold out everywhere I look. Can you give me a quick update on this product, (or anything similar for that matter). Are you planning to build more? What is the timeline for availability? If you are not pl
  4. Finally got this working... What hung me up is that the schematic here: http://store.43oh.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=80 is NOT the correct schematic for the board I have. This is a schematic for an older version of board. The newer version does not have the same chip selects in the same location. The DC line was also incorrect. Once I rung out the board and determined where the nets of interest really were, things came up nicely. Can we organize the correct schematics with the correct revs of the board or somethings similar. If the correct schematic is a
  5. RobG, Please forgive the noob questions; hopefully this won't take too much of your time and help others out along the way. I recently purchased 4 of you LCD boards and I am trying to bring them up right now. I am attaching them to CC3200 board, (It's a bit different than the board mentioned in the forum, but not by much). It just seems too cool to have the WiFi on the MCU die; I couldn't pass it up. I have been through both your 430 code and the Tiva code mentioned in this thread, and it seems like a really solid starting point. I simply looked throught your schematic, and then
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