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  1. If you are interested, mbed is available for EMBLocks, a great IDE!!!
  2. Hello again altineller. I have tested theboosterpack with and without those resistors, but you need them on the board to make the boosterpack works!! Anyway I tested it both ways (with wires) and I am seeing the same behavior (so that's ok). So if I use the m_fusedEulerPose I am noticing some drift in yaw if I turn or pitch the board, and it doesn't happen if I use the m_dmpEulerPose works more as expected (99% right). To test both codes I wrote a processing sketch: http://e2e.ti.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/908/3107.SENSORHUB_5F00_3D_5F00_SK
  3. pakoh

    DAC GUI V2

    Hello. Will it work for Tiva Launchpads as well? It would be awesome to test designs!!
  4. Thank you for your answer. I built a processing sketch to visualize the position of the board. Will share it tomorrow (quite late here) and will try everything you say, so I can answer better. Regards
  5. Hello altineller. I have tested your code against a SensorHub Boosterpack: http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-senshub I am using the m_fusedEulerPose to get roll, pitch and yaw, but I am seeing that yaw is not working at all (with some crossings when I move pitch and roll). However if I use m_dmpEulerPose instead, the result is more similar to what is expected (but with a little error on yaw too). Does it happen the same to you? Regards
  6. pakoh


    I am using TIvaware under CCS6 (which is free for Stellaris/Tiva devices). What IDE did you use? Regards
  7. Very interesting. Will try it!! Thank you for sharing
  8. pakoh


    Thank you MrCruz. I was playing again with MPU9150 without luck, but I already got two GY-521 boards, so I will test your code. Looking forward to hear from you on this topic. Regards
  9. I have checked and there is an update to your git 3 days ago. What is included int he update? Thanks
  10. Thank you. I have bought two of those little boards to test your code soon. Regards
  11. That is great news. The complementary filter you have reworked, is it for the MPU-6050 or 9150? Which board are you using for MPU? (SensorHUB, FreeIMU, custom board, etc...) Thank you
  12. pakoh


    I do think the same, such a shame!! If you port the MPU6050 to the Launchpad, please, don't hesitate on sharing it here. I think it could have a lot of applications, and probably, the MPU6050 used with FreeIMU is way more consistent. Would also like to check that I2c Master ISR as well, I am using I2c with a DAC by writting directly the commands from the CPU. Thank you.
  13. pakoh


    Thank you for sharing SuperBrew.... Do you think you are facing the same issue I had herewith the MPU-9150 present in the Sensorhub Boosterpack?: http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/tiva_arm/f/908/t/285768.aspx?pi297168=1
  14. pakoh


    Wouldn't mind to take a look at that dirty code. Would you mind to share? I was trying to do something similar with mpu-9050 with no luck. Thank you
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