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  1. If you are interested, mbed is available for EMBLocks, a great IDE!!!
  2. Hello again altineller. I have tested theboosterpack with and without those resistors, but you need them on the board to make the boosterpack works!! Anyway I tested it both ways (with wires) and I am seeing the same behavior (so that's ok). So if I use the m_fusedEulerPose I am noticing some drift in yaw if I turn or pitch the board, and it doesn't happen if I use the m_dmpEulerPose works more as expected (99% right). To test both codes I wrote a processing sketch: http://e2e.ti.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/908/3107.SENSORHUB_5F00_3D_5F00_SKETCH.zip You can find more information about the sketch here: http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/tiva_arm/f/908/t/285768.aspx?pi307171=1 Also added a new printangle function in the MPU9150Lib.cpp file: void MPU9150Lib::printAngles_Processing(float cnt_ini,short *Gyro,short *Acel,short *Mag,float *Euler) { // short m_rawGyro[3]; // calibrated gyro output from the sensor //short m_rawAccel[3]; // raw accel data //short m_rawMag[3]; //#define VEC3_X 0 // x offset //#define VEC3_Y 1 // y offset //#define VEC3_Z 2 // z offset Serial.print(cnt_ini); Serial.print(","); //////////////////////////////////////////////////// //Gyro Serial.print(Gyro[VEC3_X]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Gyro[VEC3_Y]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Gyro[VEC3_Z]); Serial.print(","); //////////////////////////////////////////////////// //ACEL Serial.print(Acel[VEC3_X]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Acel[VEC3_Y]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Acel[VEC3_Z]); Serial.print(","); //////////////////////////////////////////////////// //MAG Serial.print(Mag[VEC3_X]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Mag[VEC3_Y]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Mag[VEC3_Z]); Serial.print(","); Serial.print("100"); Serial.print(","); /////////////////////////////////////////// //EULERS Serial.print(Euler[VEC3_X] * RAD_TO_DEGREE); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Euler[VEC3_Y] * RAD_TO_DEGREE); Serial.print(","); Serial.print(Euler[VEC3_Z] * RAD_TO_DEGREE); Serial.print("!"); } To use it, in the main function yo need to write: // MPU.printAngles(MPU.m_fusedEulerPose); // print the output of the data fusion MPU.m_dmpEulerPose[1]=-MPU.m_dmpEulerPose[1]; MPU.m_dmpEulerPose[2]=-MPU.m_dmpEulerPose[2]; MPU.printAngles_Processing(cnt_loop++,MPU.m_rawGyro,MPU.m_calAccel,MPU.m_rawMag,MPU.m_dmpEulerPose); // print the output of the data fusion Serial.println(); Could you test your results with the sketch? just to discard the effect of the boards. Thank you
  3. pakoh

    DAC GUI V2

    Hello. Will it work for Tiva Launchpads as well? It would be awesome to test designs!!
  4. Thank you for your answer. I built a processing sketch to visualize the position of the board. Will share it tomorrow (quite late here) and will try everything you say, so I can answer better. Regards
  5. Hello altineller. I have tested your code against a SensorHub Boosterpack: http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-senshub I am using the m_fusedEulerPose to get roll, pitch and yaw, but I am seeing that yaw is not working at all (with some crossings when I move pitch and roll). However if I use m_dmpEulerPose instead, the result is more similar to what is expected (but with a little error on yaw too). Does it happen the same to you? Regards
  6. pakoh


    I am using TIvaware under CCS6 (which is free for Stellaris/Tiva devices). What IDE did you use? Regards
  7. Very interesting. Will try it!! Thank you for sharing
  8. pakoh


    Thank you MrCruz. I was playing again with MPU9150 without luck, but I already got two GY-521 boards, so I will test your code. Looking forward to hear from you on this topic. Regards
  9. I have checked and there is an update to your git 3 days ago. What is included int he update? Thanks
  10. Thank you. I have bought two of those little boards to test your code soon. Regards
  11. That is great news. The complementary filter you have reworked, is it for the MPU-6050 or 9150? Which board are you using for MPU? (SensorHUB, FreeIMU, custom board, etc...) Thank you
  12. pakoh


    I do think the same, such a shame!! If you port the MPU6050 to the Launchpad, please, don't hesitate on sharing it here. I think it could have a lot of applications, and probably, the MPU6050 used with FreeIMU is way more consistent. Would also like to check that I2c Master ISR as well, I am using I2c with a DAC by writting directly the commands from the CPU. Thank you.
  13. pakoh


    Thank you for sharing SuperBrew.... Do you think you are facing the same issue I had herewith the MPU-9150 present in the Sensorhub Boosterpack?: http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/tiva_arm/f/908/t/285768.aspx?pi297168=1
  14. pakoh


    Wouldn't mind to take a look at that dirty code. Would you mind to share? I was trying to do something similar with mpu-9050 with no luck. Thank you
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