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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to share my design with for CC3200MOD. It has CC3200MOD and its minimum requirement including Antenna, plus Lipo Charger and regulator to work with LiPo Battery. And has pin layout of LaunchPad XL. And also has pinout for Flash and JTAG I used CC3200 LaunchPad XL to program it. So far I can confirm CC3200MOD and Antenna works fine and Antenna Gain is pretty good. Here is the address and GitHub. https://github.com/alikian/CC3200MOD
  2. Any since I need this module I created an Eagle Library for it. https://github.com/alikian/CC3200MOD
  3. Guys, CC3200MOD is out but the price is pretty high $20 for 1K And the other bad thing about it is that still doesn't have any Antenna on it and you need to put external Antenna. Very disappointed. http://www.ti.com/product/CC3200MOD/samplebuy
  4. You are right, how can it be that price CC3200 itself is $15.
  5. Hi All, Does anyone knows CC3200 breakout already build?, very minimum system not like LaunchPad XL. Something like arduino pro mini for CC3200 http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardProMini Thanks, Ali
  6. Thanks for very good feedback. I will apply them, may not be in first version board, but in second version for sure.
  7. Thanks, Yes I will make it available for sale soon. Will update this post when it available.
  8. Yes it is possible, it required switch the layers and switch the pin type male to female.
  9. Hi All, This my first prototype for Booster Pack that connect LaunchPad XL to Arduino Shields It convert 3.3V to 5 Bidirectionaly, I just test it with my own Arduino Shield with SPI works fine. I know board is too long and jumpers are not necessary, I will removed them. It will help Arduino Shields as BoosterPack. Thanks, Ali
  10. Two weeks almost over, do you have any news? Thanks, Ali
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