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    otto949otto reacted to energia in Cant install Energia on ubuntu help   
    There was a mistake in the instructins. I just corrected it: http://energia.nu/guide/guide_linux/
    It should be:
    - Open a terminal and cd to your how directory:
    cd ~
    - unpack the energia using tar.
    tar -xzf <directory you downloaded Energia>/energia-0101E00XYZ-linux64.tgz
    To Run Energia:
    In a terminal cd to the directory where you have unpacked Energia. e.g. /home/username/energia-0101E00XYZ-linux64/
    ./energia &
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    otto949otto reacted to bluehash in Hello from Oceanside, CA, USA   
    Hello, Welcome to the forum @@otto949otto
    Feel free to ask your questions.. A C book( from K&R ) is recommended if you wish to get well acquainted with the language.
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