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  1. The following have the appearance of variable declarations, but are of unusual type. Could you point me to an explanation of this? I have also seen this in ff.h and still cannot quite wrap my newbie mind around it. FRESULT res; // PetitFS variables DRESULT dres; FATFS fs;
  2. The Examples Guide: MSP430 USB API Stack (contained within the MSP430 USB Developers Package) states that cdcSendDataInBackground alternates between bufferX and bufferY. I stared at the code but still cannot figure out how the program flow does the bufferX-then-bufferY thing. Any thoughts?
  3. I am a hardware engineer (analog design and switching power supplies) who barely knows enough C to bust a wet paper bag. Maybe this is a friendly forum to post my stupid coding questions. Knowledge of generic C (sketchy enough in my case) is often of little help in the specialized world of embedded systems.
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