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  1. Hello - here is my example sketch that i did for another project - after i got it finished - i realized that i should share it because i could not find complete example like this on my own previously which included using the analog input to measure position of the arm - maybe it saves someone else a few minutes L298N_Motor_Example_12in_actuator_public.ino
  2. here is an example i did with -F5528 (same part as -F5529) its bare bones like i think you described you are looking for (second page) eZ430-TRF7970A_MSP430F5528_schematic.pdf
  3. check these out ==> TIDA-00095, TIDA-00165, TIDA-00247
  4. jwE2C

    Bluetooth Project

    like this? the RF256x ez430 module does have onboard antenna - but i think you can take it off or bypass it to accomplish your goal - plus you can make sure it works or compare it to the one you do for performance benchmarks. hope that helps out. all that was done here was to use the UART from -G2553 to the BT board...the NFC/RFID reader (TRF7970A BoosterPack) is providing the data which is shown on the phone using a BT SPP terminal program called LM BT Terminal
  5. @ greeeg ==> I just joined, sorry for the delay - the MCU is limitation for the AES, not the TRF...luckily the MSP430 handles it well...we have done both perso and AES auth code examples using the MSP430F2370, with the TRF79xA as the NFC/RFID interface, for DESFire EV1 and crypto1 examples for MF Classic. if you are interested in that, just let me know. also, i have attached the latest (still work in progress) code example for the value line G2xx LaunchPad + DLP-7970ABP...this code reads tag types 2, 3, 4A, 4B and 5. It currently polls for all tag types (# defines can be commen
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