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  1. Rei Vilo >>The next release of the pins map uses light colour for not connected pins. Just to be certain that I understand - the light colors indicate that those pins are defined for booster packs but are not actually connected (at all?) on the CC3200 Launchpad board?
  2. >>Compared with other LaunchPads, the CC3200 is quite different. I don't understand why so many pins aren't connected
  3. Just saw the release 13 announcement at http://energia.nu/download/ so it looks like I have some work (I mean, fun) ahead of me tonight
  4. I still have not received the beta :-( I'd like to use the CC3200 in a class that I'm planning to teach about DIY IoT, but would prefer to use Energia because of the Arduino-style simplicity. I will try sending a follow-up email request.
  5. Thanks - I did a few days ago, guess that I'll have to be patient (I was a bit worried that maybe I had missed the opportunity).
  6. Is the beta (for Windows) available yet? Thanks...
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