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  1. Yeah that last link zborgerd was my post on the e2e site. Yes, it was a firm ware update. So, apparently crossing the vcc into the tx pins instead of crossing the rx tx is not a good thing to do on the Rev 1.4 board. The good news is the new Rev. 1.5 board won't have that issue anymore. Oh well, it was only a $9.99 mistake, that is actually quite cheap for me.
  2. I am using rev 1.4 and the chip type has been verified to the 2553.
  3. So, this is my first foray into using the msp430. I am working on an WSPR beacon project. Essentially, I have the code and the project materials. I got the TI-LaunchPad MSP-EXP430G2 that came with MSP430G223 and it uploads the sample "Blink" that are provided in the Energria software. When I replace the '223 with the chip I need M430G2553. Trying to upload the same sample I get the following error: Could not communicate with FET (error = 35) ihex: error on line 43 MSP430_Run: Could not read Enhanced Emulation Module register (error = 20) I could not find much info for error 35.
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