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    I have one of these LCDs though on a different board. I wrote a "library" for it.
    Put the 2 files in your project directory, Alter the #defines in PCD8544.c to reflect your pins (LCD_SCE etc), in your projects main source file #include "PCD8544.h" in your main() call LCD_init() to setup the lcd, then you can use LCD_gotoXY, LCD_writeString, LCD_writeChar etc.
    This was my first "non blinky light" code written for the MSP and I haven't gone back to tidy/refactor but it works. It uses bit banging not the hardware SPI so there are many things that could be tidied up/optimised. Im also including a lil proggie that displays Temp/Vcc and ADC readings for Pin 1.3 and displays the results on the LCD. This code is a quick hack to test the library/get to know some of the ADC so don't take the code in it as anything other than a test framework.
    Hope this helps.
    Zipped source files :ADC_and_LCD.zip
    P.S. I added the file as a zip file as the board disallows files with a .h extension
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